Newsletter – May 2015

In This Issue: Changes to Legislation effective 6 April 2015: Members who have not yet retired/taken retirement benefits, Members with Existing Drawdown Funds, Changes to Categories of who can “Inherit” Funds on Death, Changes to Taxation of death benefits pre and post age 75, Changes proposed for 6 April 2016, Update Nomination of Beneficiary Forms Update Rules Capped Drawdown Pensions... Read More »

Newsletter – March 2015

In this issue: Budget 2015, Guide to retirement communications, Company news ... Read More »

Newsletter – January 2015

In this issue: Government unveils Pension wise, Pensions Minister proposes further changes, ACA survey of smaller firms, Company news ... Read More »

Newsletter – December 2014

In this issue: FCA retirement income report published, 40th NAPF Annual Survey, Automatic transfers to begin in 2016, Company news... Read More »

Newsletter – November 2014

In this issue: DC governance and charge cap confirmed, Regulator issues first AE fines, New appointments, Company news ... Read More »

Newsletter – October 2014

In this issue: Chancellor abolishes 55% ‘death tax’, PPF levy proposals to go ahead, Auto-enrolment research published, Company news... Read More »