What happens to my pension fund when I pass away?

Clients frequently ask us this question and this article is designed to give you a basic overview of the legislation governing pension fund death benefits.  However, nothing is an adequate substitute for specific information tailored to your personal circumstances, so if you would like further information please get in touch with us for more specific... Read More »

Ongoing advice on investment products

By Richard Brazier  |  7 March 2019 Many times I am asked by prospective clients why they should pay for ongoing advice on investment products. Surely, they reason, once the plan is set up my work as an adviser is completed and no longer necessary. So long as I have done my job well the... Read More »

Key person assurance – protecting your most important assets

July 2018 Insurance is a fundamental component in establishing and running a business. Most business owners are likely to take pains to ensure that they arrange insurance on their buildings, cars and equipment, and are covered for ‘loss of profits’ in the event of a catastrophe such as a fire or flood. Yet many businesses... Read More »

Protecting your business share

June 2018 Setting up a business is an exciting time, and while looking ahead at the opportunities that are opening up, perhaps the last thing on most entrepreneurs’ mind is the death or severely diminished health of either themselves or one of their business partners. If you were to lose the contributions of a key... Read More »

Family-friendly benefits

Robert Young’s article was published by Pay & Benefits in March 2016.   Family friendly benefits Employers face many challenges and one is recruiting and retaining good quality staff to enable their business to thrive. Work-Life balance is perhaps an overused phrase but what can employers do to try and improve this and why should... Read More »

Should you Outsource Payroll and Employee Benefits Support?

Robert Young’s article in Pay & Benefits Magazine, published November 2016.   Should you Outsource Payroll and Employee Benefits Support? Every employer needs payroll and many also decide to provide employee benefits. This means deciding whether to undertake this work internally, or utilising outside specialists. Payroll For any business ensuring that employees are paid on time,... Read More »