Coping with the lockdown

As the global COVID-19 pandemic progresses, you may have queries and concerns about the performance of your investments. Specifically, our clients have seen a significant decrease in the value of their portfolios within a short space of time. We are here - to ask you not to panic, and to reassure you that during these difficult times, we are still open for business. For more information and advice, call one of our financial advisers today.

We recognise your questions and concerns - as we are all in the same boat. In my own experience, my lockdown has been very much bitter sweet to date. My son had a last minute dash back from university when he finally realised the government were locking down the country, and as mentioned in my previous blog article, my daughter was due to be sitting her GCSEs this summer, which of course, are now not going ahead. She has still been doing school work, whilst learning how her grades will be assessed in the summer.

It has however, been good to spend so much time with my family during this period - even if the shopping bill has somewhat increased!

On the bitter side, the lockdown has meant I haven’t been able to see my fiancée, who lives with her daughter in another town to myself. This has been incredibly difficult, although I am thankful for the wonders of modern technology which have enabled us to keep in contact via Facetime.

Of course, I realise that many people are having to deal with issues far more difficult than mine - and I am thankful that all my family and friends are all currently safe and well.

I have found this time to be quite reflective, a chance to assess all aspects of my life. For instance, I have been in touch with people close to me far more than I normally would have, and hope that this continues once the lockdown is over.

I, like many of our clients, have found that I have time to plan for my future; by making sure my Will, life cover and other financial aspects of my affairs are in place and up to date. If you need guidance whilst planning your financial affairs, we can place your individual concerns in the trustworthy hands of our legal experts at Ince.

Finally, during this enforced lockdown I have noticed that there seems to be some pressures to learn something new, like an instrument or a foreign language. In my opinion - do what it takes to get your through this period of time. If that is sitting in front of the TV, watching films or a new series on Netflix - so be it (no guesses for what I have been doing!).


Richard Brazier – Director – Hanover Financial Management Limited


 Richard Brazier