SSAS Consultancy and Trusts

Take control of your pension funds

SSAS are unique and designed to provide benefits for directors and business owners by enabling them to use the funds  to support the sponsoring business in a number of ways.

We frequently set up and manage Small Self Administered Pension Schemes (SSAS) for entrepreneurs, business owners and family companies who are looking for investment flexibility and access to the full range of asset classes.

Many clients choose to use their pension assets to buy their commercial property and pay rent to themselves as opposed to a commercial landlord. Another popular option is to lend money back to the company to enable it to fund further growth.

There are rules and a breach of these can lead to the tax benefits of investing in pension arrangements being lost. Our SSAS consultants can advise you on these and ensure that you can take control of the funds in your pension and make them work for you, whilst  maintaining the tax efficiency of the structure.


Our experts can take away the legal complexities of managing a fund and act as trustees of SSAS, Pension Schemes, Registered Group Life Arrangements and Excepted Group Life Arrangements.

By using our specialists you can feel confident that your pension scheme is run correctly and that your members' benefits are secure. Our team will keep your scheme legally compliant and prevent any actions that may invalidate the tax benefits of the pension scheme or result in costly penalties from the regulator.