About us

We are a small, friendly firm with a large network of legal and professional services experts at our fingertips. We offer setup and management of SSAS, staff pensions and benefits and actuarial services to small and family businesses, as well as wealth and asset management services for individuals.

We are independent in that we have no affiliation to insurers or fund managers, which means that we can source and suggest the best options for our clients.

Perhaps most importantly, we pride ourselves on our ‘old school’ traditional service methods, in that our clients have one contact who they can contact at any time, with any question. No client of ours is ever lost in a telephone system or passed from pillar to post to find the right member of staff to answer their question. Our clients have their own dedicated, exceptionally qualified and experienced consultant, who looks after them at every step of their journey, and who will always be available and responsive.

Since Hanover was founded in the 1970s we have grown to offer advice, setup and management of SSAS, staff pensions and benefits and actuarial services to small and family businesses. We are ourselves a small friendly company, and we have no affiliations to insurers or fund managers.

We believe in simplicity – we have seen too many clients make a meal of pension scheme design and administration by an over complicated approach. A simple straightforward approach is also more likely to stand the “test of time” and naturally accommodate developments in benefit design, computer facilities and legislative changes.

We take a pro-active role in the provision of our services, and we are very conscious that many clients have differing requirements. Our approach and systems are designed to dovetail with those of the client in a way which will enable us to “pick up” where the client or their other advisers leave off.

Through Culver Financial Management we are also able to offer wealth and asset management to individuals. Culver Financial Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We provide clients with investment advice and ongoing investment management which is tailored to their long term financial goals. We can also offer arrangements for inheritance tax planning, life and income protection insurances.