How could the Russian invasion of Ukraine affect your investment portfolio?

I wanted to give my brief, initial thoughts on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and particularly how this could affect your investment portfolio. An existing conflict It is worth noting that tension in the region has been simmering for years even though we, in the West, have remained often unaware. Sadly, that state of ignorance... Read More »

Market review – February 2022

For anyone wishing for a quiet start to 2022 in the financial markets, they would have been sorely disappointed.  Amongst other things, the markets have been hit by uncertainties surrounding a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the ongoing inflationary pressures that are seen here and around the world.  In the UK Despite global equities... Read More »

The 60% income tax trap*

The 60% income tax trap* It is widely believed that the highest income tax rate is currently 45%, paid only on an income in excess of £150,000. While this is true, some people may actually have an effective tax rate of 60& on part of their income.   Case study: salary increase over £100,000 Caroline... Read More »

Market review – January

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all. I hope that you managed to have an enjoyable and restful festive period.   The FTSE 100 index increased To start this market review with some good news, over the course of December the FTSE 100 index increased by 4.6%, which saw it reach its highest level seen... Read More »

Case study – SASS pensions*

This case study demonstrates how clients can use SSASs to save for their retirement in a flexible, tax-efficient manner, to compliment and assist their business operations.   Setting up the scheme Keith and Mick own a successful manufacturing business. They operate out of a commercial building that they lease from an unconnected third party. Their... Read More »

Gift inter vivos policies – explained

The term “inter vivos” can be roughly translated as “between the living”. One way to reduce your potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability is to make gifts during your lifetime to another person, hence a transfer between the living. Everyone has a personal inheritance tax allowance, which is currently £325,000 or possibly higher depending on your... Read More »