Market review – October 2022

September was another month of market volatility, which continued the downward trend that we have seen all this year. The UK market Several of the major central banks continued to raise their interest rates to counter the rising inflationary pressures. The Bank of England (BoE) delayed their announcement in September due to the Queen’s passing,... Read More »

Market review – September 2022

Following the recent ‘mini budget’ from the new Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, there has been significant disruption to the global markets which will inevitably have knock-on effects to your investments. In this month’s market update, I summarise the recent changes and how this may affect you. As always, please get in touch to discuss your investment... Read More »

Market review – August 2022

The forecast in July was bright, as we enjoyed many days of warm weather. However, the economic forecast didn’t seem so bright, with news of inflation and the cost of living crisis dominating the headlines. Nevertheless, last month mostly saw a global rise in share prices. This would have been reflected in your portfolio values,... Read More »

Market review – July 2022

June saw the investment markets take further hits, which was highlighted by the S&P 500 Index in the US, which posted its worst first six months of the year since 1970. As we have been advising for the last few months, these are certainly very challenging times for your investments. Rising inflation, which has been... Read More »

Market review – June 2022

As we enter the June, it is fair to say that 2022 hasn’t been a good year so far for investors. The word ‘unprecedented’ was used a lot when the pandemic first took effect in the Spring of 2020 – and for good reason. We saw the investment markets drop at a rate we hadn’t... Read More »

Market review – May 2022

These past few months have undoubtedly been volatile in the investment markets and, unfortunately, have been reflected in your investment portfolios. During April, we saw concerns continue over the war in Ukraine, nervousness over global inflationary pressures, and fears over the wider economic impact of Covid outbreaks in China. This all culminated in the International... Read More »